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Cowardly Lion; And I got a permanent just for the occasion. The kitchen took a slitch. (Grabs her basket) Oh, I've got to go home right away! The Wizard of Oz If you need to flag this entry as abusive. ), (The winged monkeys approach from the sky. After you place your order, MetropolisGrafix will take 1-3 business days to prepare it for shipment. The tinsmith forgot to give me a heart. You're out of the night. Dorothy is chased by two winged monkeys. You're - you're going on a visit. : (To Scarecrow) Oh, Scarecrow what am I going to do? Scarecrow: Of course, people do go both ways. (As Dorothy and Scarecrow pick up the apples off the ground. House guests, huh? The Wizard of Oz You can send me to bed without supper. 6. You don't know how lucky you are not to have one. Company Credits The Gatekeeper Wicked Witch of the West: (Walking up to Glinda and Dorothy) Who killed my sister? Culpeper. Dorothy Gale: (Comes out of the balloon) Oh, Toto! I never thunk before. The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Gale: But anyway, Toto, we're home! (The little people who are hiding in the bushes look at Dorothy then she turns and they quickly hide.) "Courage." Why didn't you say that in the first place? Think yourselves lucky that I'm giving you audience tomorrow instead of 20 years from now! And so on, so on, and so on. , : March up to that gate and bid it open. That's silly. Courage! # 960/2500 by TM & Turner entertainment Co. by the San Francisco music box company rare hard to find has original box item is in great condition like new outer box has some . (Makes Toto wave to her friends and her friends wave goodbye to her) (To Glinda) Yes, I'm ready now. We melted her! Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Just then the witch to satisfy an itch, went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch. Scarecrow: What if it were a brontosaurus? Professor Marvel Banner, Who gets to decide what is normal and what is weird? Wizard of Oz: Child, you cut me to the quick! Yeah! Cowardly Lion: How? Coroner Munchkin: As coroner I must aver, I thoroughly examined her. Who began to twitch and was reduced to a stitch. Looks like you already have an account! It's on the door - as plain as the nose on my face! Not chintz. Well, what has Dorothy done? But which is the way back to Kansas? Now we can go back to the Wizard and tell him the Wicked Witch is dead! (The house has landed on the Wicked Witch of the East who is wearing a pair of ruby slippers. That's how we keep you young and fair. Dorothy Gale: (Happily) Oh, dear. (Lion tries to leave). (The winged monkeys tear him apart), Dorothy Gale: Toto! (Speaking into microphone) The great Oz has spoken! Oh! Dorothy starts to cry and sits down. I'm a very good man. Wizard of Oz: (Impressed) Ah, you liquidated her, eh? It's that point in the year READ THE REST, We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views. Dorothy! Dorothy Gale: I couldn't say. We brought you the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West. But they have one thing you haven't got: a diploma. Dorothy Gale: Well, that's very kind of you. Step into the sun.Step into the light. My neck. The wonderful Wizard of Oz. While my thoughts were busy hatching. (To Dorothy) And as for you, my fine lady, it's true I can't attend to you here as I'd like. What is it? This is terrible! Which one of you first? Glinda: Aren't you forgetting the ruby slippers? Let's open up and sing. No, no, don't tell me!" He looks off pensively, . Afraid huh? The Wicked Old Witch at last is dead! Banners are printed on a beautiful, matte-finish canvas on a hi-end giclee printer. Dorothy went into the house and looked around.). : My heart all full of pain. Can I believe my eyes? Rapture! Dorothy Gale: (Running to the door) Yes! And when they come out, they think deep thoughts and with no more brains than you have. Dorothy Gale: (Scared) I don't like this forest. Why, you're nothing but a great big coward! There's Toto. (Kisses Lion), Cowardly Lion: (Timidly) Shucks, folks, I'm speechless. (Pointing another direction). 4. Tin Man: Why don't you try counting sheep? When she fell out of Kansas. ), (The camera changes to the Haunted Forest as it shows the gnarled face tree then the camera pans to the sign that says "Haunted Forest, Witches Castle, 1 mile and "I'd turn back if were you." One winged monkey picks up Toto and carries him off as well. Why, you've just begun! Wizard of Oz: Silence, whippersnapper! Enough! You weren't around when I was stuffed and sewn together, were you? (As she cries the image of Auntie Em appears in the crystal ball.). Get out of here. ), (Dorothy reaches for the front door to the house, she opens the screen door it ripped from the hinges and blew away. : Dorothy Gale: Oh, I don't think there's anything in that black bag for me. (Shuts the fence door), (The scene switches to the living room where Miss Gulch lectures the Gales about Toto. Ad vertisement from shop MetropolisGrafix. (The Munchkin soldiers march as the Munchkin citizens all gather around. Wizard of Oz: The great and powerful Oz knows why you have come. But I've never heard of a beautiful witch before. Dorothy Gale: Why, it's just like you could read what was inside of me. (Walks up to Nikko) Take your army to the Haunted Forest and bring me that girl and her dog. ), (The scene changes where Dorothy, Scarecrow and Toto walk down the yellow brick road next to the apple trees. ), Scarecrow: I'm not afraid of her. Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Tin Man: Well, I hardly know him. (The pink bubble comes down from the sky. (The winged monkeys fly to the Haunted Forest. Most presenters, pressed by the demands of business, pirate their colleagues' slides, do minimal preparation, and then dump a load of generic data on their audiences who, to all intents and purposes, would have been better off accessing a canned webinar. We're off to see the wizard. people will vote to decide if your belief is normal, Watch Jennifer Coolidge steal the show at last night's Golden Globe Awards, 10,000 Maniacs entertain Jay Leno in 1992, Transform your ideas into unique art with this CES-featured, AI art tool, now on sale for $49.99, Safely organize your devices and chargers with the CES-featured Bento Stack Charge 8000, Start your musical journey with the Populele Smart Ukulele, now only $159.99, Terms Dorothy Gale, Scarecrow and Tin Man: (Together) Courage! Yes, of course. On the website "Is It Normal?" The Witch is dead. I can't come back, I don't know how it works! : Toto? [still in a booming voice] Juliet's voice: Wherefore art thou, Romeo? I've held that axe up for ages. (Dorothy taps her heels three times) And think to yourself "There's no place like home." I said GO! The Wizard of Oz You won't let her will you? $15 hide Vintage Lionel train wagon 1690/observation car 1691 pre war metal. Ding-Dong! Dorothy Gale: Oh, but please! Just before your presentation, mingle with your audience. Bring me her broomstick, and I'll grant your requests. Wizard of Oz: Back where I come from, there are men who do nothing all day but good deeds. [in a booming voice] He got away! Fool that I am, I should have remembered. So she is! The Wizard of Oz This is the Wicked Witch of the West and she's worse than the other one was. How can I ever thank you enough? ~ Movie set still - showing an interior view of the wagon used by 'Professor Marvel', who poses as a traveling fortune-teller. And that wonderful effects footage of the tornado (including some shot for, but unused in, OZ) resurfaced not only in CABlN lN THE SKY (1943) but . (Toto barks), Scarecrow: Why, don't you see? (The Wizard appears as a green disembodied head above the throne with roaring fires.). Be it fish or fowl. Chirp, chirp, chirp! And she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead. Then Dorothy oils his knees as Tin Man continues to walk Scarecrow oils his other knee. We'll just come along. Step into the sun. Follow the Yellow Brick. (Outside of the Witch's castle.The Winkie guards are marching and they chant.). We've got to get her out. Cowardly Lion: (Showing them his medal) Read what my medal says. Glinda: Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Put me together. Tin Man: I'm afraid, I;m a little rusty yet. He is rusted. Visit their home pages. They're printed on canvas and available in a variety of sizes, starting at $36. Wicked Witch of the West: You call that long? Tin Man: No, it feels wonderful. To speak in the vernacular of the peasantry. The Tin Man The Tin Man Then Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion fight back the three guards overpowering them. Etsy offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase. Please, sir. Dorothy Gale and Scarecrow: (Together) What notice? (Dorothy knocks the door). Dorothy Gale: Oh, no, please. The Gatekeeper Well, bust my buttons! March up to that gate and bid it open. (To Scarecrow) A man made out of tin! The Munchkins called me, because a new Witch has just dropped the house on the Wicked Witch of the East. Oh joy! Lion's beauticians: (Singing while clipping his claws) Clip, clip here. Scat! : If ever, oh ever a wiz there was. (Glinda holds Dorothy's hand as the Munchkins gather around) She fell from the sky, she fell very far and Kansas, she says, is the name of the star. No, no, don't tell me!" The Cowardly Lion So, I have replicated the wagon art as a canvas banner. The only way to get Dorothy back to Kansas is for me to take her there myself. Summer Camps. I guess that did it! Glinda: Oh, rubbish! And then at two we're done. You'll rust so dreadfully. He was able to connect with Dorothy and establish her trust by referencing relevant facts about her. All the trees would kneel. We better make sure. : (The Munchkins nod and giggle) Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Wicked Witch of the West: The slippers. Oh! (She cackles as Scarecrow looks the chandelier which gives him the idea. I Oh, you're wasting my time. Professor Marvel never guesses, he knows! Dorothy Gale: No, Aunt Em, this was a real, truly live place. Sylvia. Let's see what we You're You're running away. (He starts chopping the door with his axe as the hourglass runs out then Dorothy comes out and Scarecrow gives Toto to Dorothy). All the worse for you, then. I would show compash. How can I ever thank you enough? (Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and the farmhands all get in the cellar. Look at the circles under my eyes. I'm burning! Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion wear the guard's uniforms and Toto is holding a red tassel in his mouth. A diploma. Aunt Em: Henry! I'm just a very bad wizard. The Wizard of Oz (as the horses come out of the barn running. Wicked Witch of the West: Well, my little pretty. Here's your oilcan. : This is the spell, this is! (Then they escort Dorothy back to Glinda) Tr-la-la-la-la-la, Tra-la-la-la-la, Tra-la-la-la-la La! Wizard of Oz: Oh, no, my dear. She's wearing the ruby slippers, she gave her. Nobody will hear you! They see two vultures perched on limb of tree.). I'm afraid of them. Professor Marvel tricks Dorothy, for her own good, and makes up a phony story about Aunt Em being suddenly ill and grief stricken over Dorothy leaving and might die from a broken heart. : Professor Marvel dpl1960 1.33K subscribers 2.8K 1.3M views 12 years ago *I do not own the footage used in this fan made video, and I am not making any profit from it. She has to learn it for herself. (Confused) Huh? Can't you read? You don't know how lucky you are not to HAVE one! He's the Horse of a Different Color you've heard tell about! Dorothy Gale: (Takes the broomstick) Oh, thank you so much! What makes the muskrat guard his musk? (Puts the straw back in inside of Scarecrow) Why, if our scarecrow back in Kansas could do that the crows would be scared to pieces! : program (Dorothy and her friends run down the stairs and along the parapets of the castle. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. : Then they encounter a horse-drawn carnival wagon down in an embankment which says "Professor Marvel, Acclaimed by the Crowned Heads of Europe, Let Him Read Your Past, Present, and Future in His Crystal, Also Juggling and Sleight of Hand." 2023 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights reserved. I was petrified. Male Munchkin: Follow the Yellow Brick Road. In the merry old land of Oz. Who's Dorothy? All Discounted Items(2) 10% off and more(2) Store Pickup & Delivery . When you're born to be a sissy. As plain on the nose on my face! Two men in a row boat float by gave friendly gestures at Dorothy as she continues to look on and sees that she's in the middle of a tornado.). (Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow see the Witch's castle.). : ~ {cwl} ~ (Original Image: The Judy Room) (Gives Dorothy a bouquet and she smells them. ", Professor Marvel, played marvelously by Frank Morgan, takes one look at the naive girl, glances down at her suitcase and says, "You're running away! Here. (The Munchkins all wave goodbye to Dorothy and she waves back to them. It's very important. (To Dorothy) Who are you? And a couple of tra-la-las. Dorothy Gale: I don't see why not. I'll fight standing on one foot! The Wizard of Oz Help! Wizard of Oz: That's Doctor of Thinkology.. Scarecrow: (Places his finger on his head) The sum of the square roots of two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to square root of the remaining side. Munchkins: And we will glorify your name. Then she leaned her bicycle against the fence while Uncle Henry is holding a paint brush.). Dorothy Gale: (Goes to Auntie Em) Please, Aunt Em! Sit down right here. Dorothy and Scarecrow whisper to each other and they both nod. Wicked Witch of the West: (Exasperated) Oh! The Cowardly Lion I can't budge her an inch. Clip, clip there. ), Glinda: Just follow the Yellow Brick Road. Oh! Please hurry! : , (The camera changes to "The End" title on screen then it fades to black.). The Tin Man Klarna. (Dorothy and her friends cringe in fear then the Wicked Witch gets the flames with her broomstick) (To Scarecrow) How about a little fire, Scarecrow? No, I'm wrong. ", Having missed his glance, Dorothy asks wondrously, "How did you guess? (The Wicked Witch of the West cackles madly as she stands on the roof of the cabin.). (To Scarecrow) Put your hands up, you lopsided bag of hay! He tried to run away but Tin Man and Scarecrow firmly grab him and carry him forward as he cries. Dorothy Gale: (Shocked) Tomorrow? Glinda: (Singing) Come out, come out, wherever you are. Cowardly Lion; Do you think it would be polite dropping in like this? The beneficent Oz has every intention of granting your requests. (One of them snatch his axe), Scarecrow: Help! Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. Or haven't you heard? Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. The Gatekeeper And take it with you. He looks off pensively, as if conjuring some magical power and then, as if having divined a vision, says conclusively, "They don't understand you at home! And I never appreciated it. Frightened? The house continues spinning as Dorothy screams while holding on to Toto. So we'd like you to keep your promise to us, if you please, sir. (The camera switches to the Witch's castle as the witch and her winged monkeys look at Lion in the crystal ball. Smoke and Mirrors The "Wizard" (we have to use quotes, because he really is a big fraud) actually bears the closest resemblance to his real-world counterpart, Professor Marvel. Just like I knew it would be. Follow the Yellow? Dorothy Gale: No, no. (They run down the stairs and the doors suddenly close.). Wicked Witch of the West: All in good time, my little pretty. Is my nose bleeding? The three Winkie guards approach them as Lion felt scared and whimpered, Scarecrow and Tin Man shush him. I'd be tender, I'd be gentle, And awful sentimental.Regarding love and art, I'd be friends with a sparrows And the boy who shoots the arrows. Tin Man: Uh, some but mostly lions and tigers and bears. (As Dorothy keeps walking she puts down her suitcase and picks up Toto.). Courage! Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Professor Marvel: But, what's this? Of what was once the Wicked Witch. Oh look! Scarecrow: (Points and sees the bubble) Look! Bring me that girl and her slippers! Dorothy looks away in fear as the Witch cackles evilly. Oh, no, my dear! Hurry! Tin Man: Well, suppose the Wizard wouldn't give me one when we got there. (To Professor Marvel) And you were there. (Dorothy and her friends are delivered to the Wash and Brush up Co.) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! She's gone where the goblins go. Yes! Let's open up and sing and ring the bells out. Dorothy and her friends: (Together) We wanna see the Wizard. (Then she disappears in her pink bubble), Munchkins: Goodbye! (Professor Marvel leads Dorothy and Toto inside his wagon.). Scarecrow: (Surprised) What? Scarecrow: But I'd face a whole box of them for the chance of getting some brains. The camera pans around where there's flowers, a pond, tiny hatched huts, and a spiraling yellow brick walkaway.). I thought I was on my way home. Well, she's, she's putting her hand on her heart. They think deep thoughts, and with no more brains than you have. As she does, the Professor quickly rummages around in her basket. Professor Marvel: Yeah. Dorothy Gale: (Surprised) You are? Mayor Munchkin: From now on you'll be history. (Realizing) They'll be coming back for in a minute. Lions and tigers and bears! The Gatekeeper Mayor Munchkin: Follow the Yellow Brick Road. (Cackling evilly and the image of the Witch disappears. Tin Man walks backwards then he begins dancing as Scarecrow and Dorothy watch in delight. Dorothy You're travelling in disguise. Dorothy Gale: (Worried) Oh, does it hurt you? View Etsys Privacy Policy. I want those most of all. And it's funny, but I feel as if I've known you all the time. Toto! Dorothy Gale: Oh dear! Very resourceful. Dorothy! I said come back tomorrow! Dorothy Gale: Yes, let's run! But I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Drat, you and your dog! Dorothy Gale: Who, me? Go away and come back tomorrow. Big cities, big mountains, big oceans. Dorothy Gale: But I did leave you, Uncle Henry. Who's her? Begin your presentation with a slide that includes the location, the date, and the logo of your audience or event. Ask them questions. The great and powerful Oz has got matters well in hand. Now, go! We give the roughest claws. Dorothy Gale: Well, Oh dear, I don't quite see how I Scarecrow: Of course, I'm not bright about doing things but if you just bend the nail down in the back, maybe I'll slip off and-. Until one day, while performing feats of stratospheric skill never before attempted by civilized man an unfortunate phenomena occurred. Do what you want with the others, but I want her alive and unharmed. We did! Then the farmhouse spins and falls back down to the ground. In the opening scenes of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy runs away from her Kansas home and promptly encounters Professor Marvel, a seedy, itinerant con artist whose tacky traveling wagon advertises him as "Acclaimed by The Crown Heads of Europe," and offers his services to "Read Your Past, Present, and Future in His Crystal Ball. I'm afraid there's no denying. (Hugging Toto) Home! He didn't know he was doing anything wrong. The Great Oz has spoken! Scarecrow: Oh, that's too bad. Tin Man: (Stammering nervously) But if we do that, we'll have to kill her to get it! Dorothy I'm all but lame from the bite on my leg! Can you help me? And meet the young lady who fell from the star. Cowardly Lion: (Surprised while waking up) What's that? Munchkins: (Singing) Ding-Dong! Therefore ,by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Universitatus Committeeatum E Pluribus Unum, I hereby confer upon you the honorary degree of Th.D. Publication history [ edit] Dorothy Gale: That's where I live and I wanna get back there so badly, i'm going to the Emerald City to get the Wizard of Oz to help me. I'm not afraid of a witch! Oh! (The Munchkin trumpeters and played a fanfare as the Mayor comes out among with the Barrister. I keep forgetting I'm in Kansas. Scarecrow: I've got a plan how to get in there. Dorothy Gale: Don't you know the Wizard is gonna give you some courage? Wizard of Oz: I can't come back! Wizard's guard: (Stubbornly) Not nobody, not nohow! And remember, never let those ruby slippers off your feet for a moment or you will be at the mercy of the Wicked Witch of the West. Such connections are rare in today's presentations. Scarecrow: I didn't think so. (Toto takes the hot dog while Professor is not looking.). The Cowardly Lion : Now, fly! Running away and hurting her feelings. Look! (Dorothy and Scarecrow help him up). Dorothy continues to cry as sand in the hourglass comes down. (To Tin Man) And you! Give them back to me. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Well, you can't! The Wizard Of Oz Professor Marvel's Wagon Figurine Sound Activated LTD 2009: $265.00. Look out! (Tin Man and Lion kneel down to check on him.). Cowardly Lion: You're right, I am a coward! The Wizard of Oz (Glinda nods) Why, I'm not a witch at all. This seller consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received. (Toto pulls the green curtain revealing an ordinary man who is pulling levers controlling the image.) : Tin Man: (Shivering nervously) Uh, yes-yes sir. We all love you. ), Cowardly Lion: Yeah. We want to see the Wizard! Mayor Munchkin: Then this is a Day of Independance for all the Munchkins and their descendants. : Filming & Production : We got to run away! I'm burning! It's all right! Wicked Witch of the West: That's a good little girl. [emotionally] $15. (Insulted) Stuff a mattress with me! I'm afraid poor Toto has to go. Who rang that bell? I got a brain! I still want one. Dorothy Gale: (Wiping Lion's tears with her handkerchief) Oh. But I could show my prowess. Let her try and make a beehive out of me! Dorothy sites. The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow: (Softly) Dorothy's in that awful place? Oh! Wizard of Oz: Well, you can't. That's how we laugh a day in the merry old land of Oz. So we'd like you to keep your promise to us, if you please, sir. | (Lion gets extremely frightened and runs out of the throne room then he jumps out through the glass window. The castle drawbridge closes and Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion stop and think. Those partners may have their own information theyve collected about you. And all you do is follow the Yellow Brick Road. (To Dorothy) Now those magic slippers will take home in two seconds. Scarecrow: Here, Tin Man, help me. Data. The greatest Oz has spoken! There's no place like home. (She among with Nikko run with the guards then Dorothy and her friends go up the stairs.) Dorothy Gale: Come on, let's get out of here. How long you stay fresh in that can? You go away or I'll bite you myself! : Cowardly Lion: (Chanting nervously) I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do, I do. Munchkins: (Singing) The house began to pitch. The Wizard of Oz Get them horses loose! The Tin Man Barrister Munchkin: Follow the Yellow Brick Road. (Puts Toto in the basket and she turns to Dorothy) And you, my dear. This is Glinda the Good Witch of the North.). Doorman: It's on the door! The greatest Oz has spoken! I hope she get's home all right. Back! Dorothy Gale: Do Do you suppose we'll meet any wild animals? Cowardly Lion: I'd show him who's king of the forest! Deliver . Dorothy Gale: (Shocked upon seeing Tin Man rusted) Look! I was just thinking, I really don't want to see the Wizard this much. Outside of Dorothy's bedroom window a picket fence and a tree float by and Dorothy awakens as the chicken coop floats by. Scarecrow: That's the trouble. : Oil my arms, please. Quick! This is a transcript of The Wizard of Oz. Ask Questions. Actor Frank Morgan played five different roles in MGM's classic 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz: In the Emerald City, he was the cabby who drove the Horse-of-a-Different-Color, a guard at the. (Scarecrow jumps back in fear upon hearing the lion roar. You are talking to a man who has laughed in the face of death sneered at doom and chuckled at catastrophe.

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