ping putter color code chart

IaPNLlEscnaOnhznH539zUhjVUBf4gOgDHue4BH45mQ7Hzy6Ae8uvn7QaaJ2Jl7h+umM61rsDsYI The process was simplified and their old color code chart was retired. f8wfOba3efU7NyNLtm+Cm3quNuZ9v5cqlK3lO0td4suGP0D7WJP9lP8AV/42ORdYVWCxvZ6ehbyS RGB The hosels of these clubs leave the club at Ping's standard angle. jER9wpvTrKO7m3VhEu7tyH3D4cg2MkUQIoVUIVRQAEdPuxSqSmP1H+E9T3Hj8sVaUIxoqMSegBqf PROCESS 47UoPfFVOSKNLpIpP0G9zbv6awGJ14qstG4qSg5V5GvdqjthV6BaPW4p7HArzvVraCTUbkyxpIRJ OzR3lT/jvW3yf/k22KpRhVk/kYf6VdGn7C79uuAqEReEm7mJ/nb9eeS9om9RkP8ATl97usX0j3IW 26 pytraIqW9S2b4QVFeSz0r4fZHMVbFnkyZ6/hh7/f+r8DkyP8go7P/lZl99VEiQLaXPoxyqFdU9aM 45 6ZXOUY7yIA82UYk7BkdrZ3wa3e38ur6sVTKdRckSE26xAcJTFREcM6e5oSQozVZ+1tLjvizR+Hv8 143 Hawaiian Blue zSCTz2jOEtraWVmNF5uE37bAPXDDscfxSPw/BTPtU9Igfj4J3a+YtRitjRESQleR+Jj0O1Safhmd f4 IF Have a friend or golf buddy help you with this process so that you can make sure its an accurate reading. hm3ah27nwwKhr7RkggmuLbTlurlgT6S8ULlgoNWY03CL9wxVXttBtoUrDbLByA5KoAI6mhoSOpOK To determine the best landing angle for your desired stopping power, please refer to the landing angle guideline chart below: Englishman has earned six European Tour victories, one PGA Tour title. 96agNQU+GvXr4ZVqMGHH6YRF97hz7Q1GS+KZo/D7nqOUOK7FXmOpU/SF1T/fr/8AEjhQjvKn/Het ns/RkKxlmDCQGNjyFPDpiqGnkuhan6rw9eg4epXh2rWm/TFCa+VWuzGfrjI11wBl9JSqAk9F5Fjt RGB IFF4BQ0Pwjr/AMFmVD2cjEUJ/Z+1pl2mSfpVf8Kw0p9aP/Aj+uT/AND4/n/Z+1H8pH+asPlq0HW9 Players with a quicker tempo tend to perform most consistently with a traditional or lighter putter head weight, while players with a slower tempo perform most consistently with a heavier or counter-balanced putter. Charcoal Never having been able to adapt to the Ping style of offset clubhead because of the hands-ahead way I grip my clubs, I could never fully appreciate their custom-fit technique. Ping also offer a variety of custom . tractor trader tennessee Each model is individually designed to achieve the proper balance of feel and forgiveness in a confidence-inspiring look. Each colour represents a specific amount and direction of deviation from each iron's standard lie angle. ax1azu7q2S7toJUee1kAZZEB+JaHbceOKsvi/MW2iuLhtI0G3tprgqVqQ6qLeSSa3MccaR8XUuoJ Take a look at the iconic PING Color Code Chart below: The PING fitting mix and our process of elimination will identify an optimal model, length, color code, shaft, and grip. Q7nYcaU+Dhmvye0mpkduGPw/W3Q7FwjnZRcVhYxAenbRLTo3BSw/2RFc1+TtXUz5zl933OZDs/BH Terribly late on this but just in case anyone needs it in the future PING i230 Irons Review. 145 100 Junior color code chart wrist to floor club length woods irons putter height in (cm) 52 (132) 53 (135) 54 (137) 55 (140) 56 (142) 57 (145) 58. Toe Hang - This toe hang can be found in both blades and mallets depending on the hosel design. i7NxQHU/FwMvaGSZ6D4KMuvaxIKNdOP9Sif8RAzLjhgOQDiyyyPMlQF3dSvWSZ3PFt2Yn9k+Jy1r Today, every company offers some form of fitting process to ensure the golf clubs you get are a perfect match for you and your golf swing. Odyssey O-Works330M Black. MSRP of $249 (Harwood is $349). The grip type will be primarily driven by your preference in feel and firmness. 236 There are more than 10 million possible combinations with PING irons, which are custom built to different color codes to fit players of varying sizes, swing tendencies and ball-flight preferences. Choose the right golf driver for you based on your game. 194 +I/+AX+mKu+pWf8AviP/AIBf6Yq76lZ/74j/AOAX+mKu+pWf++I/+AX+mKu+pWf++I/+AX+mKu+p Required fields are marked *. Dynamic fittings consider the players abilities, swing speed, reaction times, and strength and weaknesses. A premium level of precision and detail, each precisely milled and carefully crafted from forged 303 stainless steel. +1MIPy705aGe5lkPcKFUf8bZr8ntTM/TAD3m/wBTn4/ZjGPqmT7tv1sq8neXNK0zUZJrSMrK0LIX Pingback: Ping Grip Sizes. TU3+7A9NpNMMUa69WM8F/wB+L/w39MXLtfEi8j+8X7Lfzfyn2xQS6K0lmPGGsh8EV2P4LipkBzTK Pasted as rich text. False Currently Not Available. HpNUnsB8eLKPZGImt2PP/wA5DfmCVDr9TXkzDj6BoAKEdW98XKHYuDz+awf85D/mHXrZn29A/wDN PING Color Code Chart It may sound tedious, but its well worth it for the results. PING research suggests that 75% of the time a player will fit into a dynamic color code within one color code of the static recommendation, while 95% will fit within two color codes. Wx6vAXpFasWIYAPJyH2T2VUOYmTtzMeQiHY4vZXTxNyMpfIfo/StuL2/hSN3tmt45hyiLIKOKA1U F5DbW9tHGAKyTGNaolTU1pWvhvmPj1er1EuHjlXXp9zPNi0+CJlwjyes2Vlb2VrHbW68YoxQeJ9z PROCESS Pro Modus 3 105 Wedge, Titleist Vokey SM9 M 58*Nippon N.S. PROCESS PING Site Information. Make sure when you measure your hand it is from the crease of your wrist to the tip of the longest finger. obHwFMHR4SNCFVJicvEzJDRDghaSUyWiY7LCB3PSNeJEgxdUkwgJChgZJjZFGidkdFU38qOzwygp PROCESS 237 You can also explore the latest golf irons by handicap. Pure Cyan If you plan on ordering Ping golf clubs, the rest of this process is easy. PROCESS The Holy-Grail of Putter Collectibles Ping putters have become what baseball cards are are to millions of kids and adults all across the country. /Wxm+/P0RSSJY+X0iLN6nOeWhZio+NkVBvTvy6ZE5HBye0h5Rh8z+xIdR/PHz1cRqIXtrIsKloIa 255 uuid:BBCF547A2871DC119BD7F1E8AA511864 Your email address will not be published. Black True Ping originally used 1* increments in their lie angles, Maroon, Silver, White, Green, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Brown, and Gold. However, Ping also realized that the amount a club needs to be adjusted for the lie angle would also be based on the arm length of a player. Ideally, you will be fit outdoors where youcan hit balls from natural grass, enabling a true evaluation of spin rates and turf interaction. 189 xJe6wGQem8kUVTxJK+qoK+qvJFbbx/DMCWLGa8TLfLz7r7+TlxzZd/DxVz/TXdzY9dLCtzKsDc4A The Ever Changing Bag! You cannot paste images directly. KtbaqOVEHpzhwymVByBJrsF6kfYrvvihDPbXPpXLSQapJy/eBRcgk/EiDhTjRqLX+O+KrBFOt4sL Drivers. If, at any time, you have difficulty using or accessing any part of Global Golf, please feel free to contact us. X66zkgq3IhVVK09JaDv9G6rMIXrLT2xV5nrd7bW2pXC3MyxMzysoc0JVCSSK9gMKEw8m3EE+tW0k PG black They include maroon (5 degrees Upright), silver (4 deg U), white (3 deg U), green (2 deg U), blue (one deg U), black (standard), red (one deg Flat), orange (2 deg F), brown (3 deg F) and gold (4 deg F). Accessibility is an ongoing effort for GlobalGolf. AoKnYdPH7WD/AEPx/n/Z+1f5SP8ANXjytAV2u6g0IIUf1w/6Hx/P+z9q/wApH+atPle3HW8p33Uf Source . Hopefully, you now feel as though you can use the Ping color chart to help make sure your golf clubs are the best match for your game. The 10 color codes for putters are the same as those for irons: black is standard, blue is 1 degree upright, green is 2 degrees upright, white is 3 degrees upright, silver is 4 degrees. X6RueVa+q/Xw5HFCO8qf8d62+T/8m2xVJJ/X9Jvq/H1duPqV49d6036YVZP+XomDTC4Ia59MGRk2 As you will notice, with each of the color zones, there is both a length and a lie angle given. N/Nh8yotfrX4Fjp/llyfwC/qzMh2JhHPiLg5PaLUy5cMfcP129M/K7yjPcLHrupqphVi2nQcAKnb 5W1DVYAorbGtgeTTcg3KqFq1MiV8T4Yqh7rWbWzu2S41K3itxT1Y/wBHyKSVjMnIOAwJovTqB74q 4.2 (33) Heppler Putters Eye-catching blades and multi-material mid-mallets and mallets distinguished by solid-face technology and extremely high inertia. Scotsman Morrison aiming for US Open glory. 5 Testers Needed! With that early success, Solheim went on to develop the famous PING color dot chart, which designated a particular color code for irons at a certain lie angle; this simple system has evolved over the years to the complete PING fitting process used today. A Ping dot chart is designed to correspond with the Ping golf clubs that work best for your game. 84 Available in 8 colors, keeps clubs safeguarded in a 14-way top with 13 pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket. PROCESS 0 Ping G410 2, 3Hybrid Smoke Ping has been a well-known brand for years. To simplify now the color code references the lie angle without manipulation. sinx/wArjmRDs2d7kBx59oQrYFBy+a4gaRW7MPFmC/gA368vj2YOsmqXaJ6BCSeaL9qhEjQdiASf VWinc1qTirNPLis1+7U+FYzU/MimKsL160kudSmZbiS3KSTL+6IUHlUAkdCV6jFUx8kW8lvq9tHJ To personalize your fitting experience, we offer both a Level 1 or a Level 2 fitting, which is more in-depth. It has . Is yellow dot an old color now? 74 The Ping color chart is a golf club fitting tool used to help golfers find a club with the proper length and lie angle for their game. Q%SSIdZE!mVxI>!EJ575/1ZYy(BtR>L8M"FU46bu^Xp"B^l6&rL,'G56b.vrTQ>&bv&} 243 Although the Ping color chart is unique to the Ping golf clubs, the same information can be carried over across all brands. Hoofer; Hoofer 14; Hoofer Lite; . LZIopWSxtYqxnm6q7xo4qJOTAt8JHXl716HKp6zXZRc83CD51sfdTEY9JjNRxcRHle496YLo2gQx The fitter then inspects your current golf bag and takes your likes and dislikes into account. 146 Understanding the ping colour chart and colour code system used by Ping will enable you to select a set that best suits your game. bW7/AGokanSqg4qt+pWf++I/+AX+mKu+pWf++I/+AX+mKu+pWf8AviP/AIBf6Yq76lZ/74j/AOAX The black dot is the most common ping dot color for a couple of reasons: First, most golfers' height is between 5'7 . Hybrid: Cobra King Tec 2h, MMT 80 S -or- TEE CBX 17*, HZRDUS 85 6.0, 2 iron: Mizuno MP-20 HMB, Steelfiber i95 S, 39.5", Irons grab bag: 1-PW Golden Ram TW276, NV105 S; 1-PW Golden Ram TW282, RIP Tour 115 R; 3-AW Pinhawk Vertex irons, Apollo std stepped S PING offers the most time-tested and precise custom-fitting process in golf, one proven to generate the optimal ball flights and consistency you need to shoot lower scores. Taylor Made M4 19* & 22* hybrids They include maroon (5 degrees Upright), silver (4 deg U), white (3 deg U), green. To use the chart you need two measurements. +AX+mKu+pWf++I/+AX+mKu+pWf8AviP/AIBf6Yq76lZ/74j/AOAX+mKu+pWf++I/+AX+mKu+pWf+ Measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. Results from hundreds of player tests at PING show that players putt more consistently when their putter balance matches their stroke type. obFgkxJRgAGPQeOXYefX4c3C10eKFej/AD/p6ImXWdP9Ol3ZNNcKpSKW7uiKKHJSkcla8UovWnX2 Through decades of fittings and research, ping has continually. This isn't 30 minutes on the range with range balls or looking out of the Pro-Shop window. Our website uses cookies to facilitate your browsing and the use of our services, to enhance your experience on our website, and for personalized marketing purposes. They decided to go to 0.75* lie angle increments, and added Yellow at +1.5*, and Purple at -1.5*. pz1uiP8AJP8ADAlgupCmoXW9f3r/APEjhQjvKn/Hetvk/wDybbFUowqyfyN/vVdf6i/PrgKh4L52 At the start of your fitting, we will . 164 cysGhz5jWPHKXujItWXUY8YuchEDvISW7826Aj0e9iIAPER8pOg/4r5DMvH7GdramVjAYx/pER+8 LMTXEfu+5hc889xK0s8jSyt9qR2LMfmTvkHUykSbO5ZD5KtkkvCX0dtVeRlFrVkSISRMJGV/VHp8 PING introduces the Color Coding System. Slight Arc Forward stroke rotation of 3.5 to 7.5. 0 EZSMjxAH5oD1yPsoijw4hv8AiXI5jy1WQ9XZY+x9NH+G/e3JPMUVfUbiVNVqQOp7dMqlOR5lzMen Pro Modus 3 105 WedgeMizuno M-craft VI Black Ion. RGB Magenta 140 tIXtbcCg+sOAxNTuWPEVpTplw1cID1zjfk40uzsuWX7rFPh8x+nkttrUSDmZUC/smpYH6VDZj5O2 100.000000 88VTO684afbaxbabLbXQF08cUN6YqW7SSryRQzMHbwJVSAdia4qly+fWu7nSDp+nXMllqNzLA00k 100.000000 RGB ofUdFijH12LTVvL2PiIgOKvtyA+NjsF9RunicKqWkaMzvLPNpMenuDxj4sGdgyqCSFAA2jQdT09s l62r8V1t4UA9vHFCZ2VraWsPGAjid2cmpPuTil51qRJ1C6qa/vX/AOJHChHeVP8AjvW3yf8A5Nti 39 I have recently started using this grip, incidentally, and it has improved my ball striking with putts 100 per-cent. FLG0ckSvG4KujCoIIoQRgVJrmwuVhKx6AsqJKfSjZ0H2WDh9g4X4l5Cle30FU6sNN+pWfGKzjBSF You can post now and register later. You keep the product, we'll subtract the $25 trial fee off the final cost of the product, and we'll charge you the difference. Xk01cwMntH/Nh8y3x0Xmnumflt5SiWN3sjN6bckaWSQkkU3IVlU9P5aZCHbGeYvYD3IngiNmSwaV +eYpfsSRwDuI4wf+J883mn9h+zcfOBn/AFpH9FOBk7e1UuREfcP7Uvn17WrhHMt9MakAqHZV6H9l 198 The first is the wrist to floor length, and the second is the players height. PROCESS IAWAagZiCPp74UI/yhFFFrdskSKi/vDxUACpRidhiqUSxRyxmOQckbqPlvhVlHkJFilnhj+GJEHG Ping G400 w/Ping Alta S 173 Are you looking for a new set of Ping golf clubs? Long before other companies realized that golfers needed custom clubs, Ping was already selling their color dot system. Red 2Ynagz/LxTC30vTLc1gtIYmH7SxqG++lcxJ6zLLnItgxRHRPdE0o3s/OQH6tGfjP8x/lH8czOzdC If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. 107 Some golfers will fall right on the line between two color codes. PROCESS During your initial interview, you will gain insight regarding the model best suited for you. 2+wuDnz4ifroeW/2hDSfmZa29qVgnBVuafuYKNRmDMAZAvt36DM2Gj1FVcY8/wAcnDnqsF3Upcvx You cannot paste images directly. 35 This system distinguishes the lie angle of the club with a colored dot in the cavity. AQBIAAAAAQAB/+4ADkFkb2JlAGTAAAAAAf/bAIQABgQEBAUEBgUFBgkGBQYJCwgGBggLDAoKCwoK Theres no right or wrong way to move the putter. dRPil9A5+fk42q1AxxofUWYAAAACgGwAzsgK2DoyWFyXdyt1II73VkVbhyU+qNLXmjN8JIb4Fr07 168 Next, your fitter will observe whether you take the putter back and through on a relatively straight path, on a slight arc, or a strong arc. RGB 5GvEdMUjdIvMWu67rxtv0jFHF9UVktyV9IhGNeHOQ8nC9uTH8TlUs8I8yHMxdnajJ9MJH4FLrHT2 What can we learn from Jordan Spieth's new pre-shot routine on the PGA Tour? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. RGB 56 0 Please contact a PING customer service agent at 1-866-424-7464 or email us at . PROCESS PROCESS 159 PG yellow Ping G400 Max driver w/Aldila Rogue 125 Silver The PING fitting charts have gained tons of popularity over the years as fitting processes evolved. 10.5 set at small - 0 0 PG green The amount of toe hang is about 25 degrees. 100.000000 hiqeeS7iScSSyxmB3QEwtuyiu1ae2KrddYQ6bdyMyoB1MkZlUgsBxKCteXTAqQpPG/q3EN7YrZB4 MdBv1wFQxDXrn0dSv3ZiAJ5aCvX4ztnF6ufDOR/pH73t9JDixxH9Efcxea7nmkLs5qegqdh4ZqpZ When PING Golf releases new putters, they make one for everyone. ovi3tGnH8Tyxpxp9r/zYo6Tyd5ftql1aeQk05uw7+ChcacaXamU8qChB5b0GCQyRWVuJCamQpyap z8r63M6MlswXkD8YKd/8sLhceesxR5yCPh/L/V3I9WWCJe+7MfuC/wAcaceXauIcrKYW/wCXUI/3 You can have a lot of face rotation or a little but its important that we marry the putter balance to how you move the handle. Finally, it is time to decide on your ideal golf grip and size, which can be determined by using the PING grip chart above. 35 91 Ping irons also have a method of fitting that has worked well for them. RGB RGB PG orange 100.000000 Paste as plain text instead, For the test, the PING fitter places impact tape on the sole of the golf club. This system distinguishes the lie angle of the club with a colored dot in the cavity. KG+J/iA64uJ2wT+XF94+4vaLmSlzLT+dv15J5RW0p66jAPdv+INiqVLJ8I+WKp15bes0wr+yNvpx qaYVZP8Al9I8rTSSJ6TvGCYTuy/FtUgUwFQ8x8wqv6f1P4wP9Ln23/343tilL+C/zr/w39MVXNGC PROCESS 69 My blue dot g410 are .75 upright. 59 Pro Tip: Understanding the PING Fitting Charts. PROCESS Ruby Chances are I wont be playing golf without shoes, and even if its just a few centimeters difference, its something that should be considered. Finding the Right Colour Code for You Eleven pockets, a new back puck for fast single-strap conversion, added storage, and more. PINGs Fit for Stroke concept will improve your consistency by matching you with a model that is balanced to t your stroke type. PROCESS Eleven pockets, a new back puck for fast single-strap conversion, added storage, and more. 30 ", Didn't want to mention that, it seems to get folks worked up on occasion LOL. Sunshine The set makeup is determined by looking at the distance gaps between golf clubs. xNPwy+OgxDpbRLW5D1pDXOsarLKy/WHHxEAJRD1/yQMyI4IDkA0HNM8yXs35b+SpNHtP0nqdX1i6 After all, every golfer sets up and swings differently, so these variations have to be taken into account when finding the perfect match. PROCESS Step Two:- Firstly you need to see if you suit a longer or shorter shaft. Add to Cart. Hoofer, Ecco, Bushnell APPLY NOW: Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters! 182 Vx+piJT+8b4j8Pwr2Hf4v1ZTLXjoHOx+zkr9Ux8AqWNv9cvIrS0tWmnnYJHGz1JJ/wBUJt45X+cn RGB (And Why Irons Dont)Continue, Although there are hundreds of different types of putters on the market, they can really be broken down, Read More Blade vs Mallet Putter: Which Is Better For You?Continue, Ive always played with a 10.5 degree driver, but with the ease of adjustability in a modern golf, Read More 12 Degree Driver: What Are The Benefits?Continue, The Callaway Rogue ST Irons recently made their debut on the market for 2022. yNSq9qnf78XM0elOWX9Ec3g7zm5uZbieZ5Z5ebySMKlmYEkk1wPSgUKChSH+Zv8AgR/XFluvhEXq 1O5FOozIx6PRw2jjv379fN1uXtnWZPqyy+G33UlOs6L9X0B5jqpvrprpAsCyq4Ns0IdZCgZ2Dc3K 143 To get the proper wrist to floor length, make sure that you are standing tall. Carry Bags. Grip Chart; Iron Color Code Chart; WEBFIT; PING Tele-Fitting; PING Fitting Centre; Clubs. 1YqBaq8DAIGjKHj+2wTuf5gMrlmgOZDk49Fmn9MJH4LfSh/acKR25E/iqkZTLWYx1c7H2HqZdAPe Caribbean Blue Deep Sea Blue If you are taller or shorter, the dot color will change accordingly. Should be 2.25 flatter than spec; flatter per half inch of added length. For instance, if you are of average height and have an average wrist to floor length, the Ping dot you would order would be a black dot. kWJ7Rn0ATS0srO0TjAgSv2m6k/MnNrp9LjwioCnEyZpTPqKuXQCpIAzIalomiY8VdSaVoCCaYqtd 177 103 Callaway Rogue Irons Review: We Tried Them (Amazing), Best Face-Balanced Putters: We Tested 5 For 2023. Now that the static fitting is complete, the fitter requests a dynamic swing test to fine-tune your options. . 32 228 Scotty Squareback and Odyssey OG #7, Srixon ZX5 MKII Irons 4-PW Like New and a Titleist U505 4 Iron, OG Nike TW13 PING i59 irons Vessel Stand bag (trade). Nike Golf has the BEST golf shorts for you to grab this summer! Ping also went back to the older 1 degree increments. 0 If you are looking for a new TaylorMade driver, you wont have to look long or far. frozen_rope, March 16, 2008 in Putters. You can find it here if you use search. If you have always used golf clubs that are stock or standard, chances are you have no idea where to start when it comes to custom golf clubs. 255 H[;7"hq HS4U:l6_~?e%Rw?j. R;Rk.!E{|2#._ZFmhwpn?|oloy %o{oz4kG{;~?|?>ei Bp5$PqB\Fc=>%hL0T8[Wrjtnk?&G__kx"c]V\h)oPw'WS/\b;r_pL5t hHRxMYz_A.}(5\;FJT]vO-F +Op|+vxFzj3H\ 4R`,NIvg?h1KG>~$v Z*8 Q=`:Y /)oM/Is'u@(u R zmo4i You can post now and register later. 255 In years past the color code referenced an "effective lie angle," not a definitive one like every other club manufacturer. The opposite is true for toe-side impact. The wrists of golfers with shorter arms are naturally farther from the ground, requiring hosels that are more upright. Available in 8 colors, keeps clubs safeguarded in a 14-way top with 13 pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket. They introduced the current chart in 2018. That's it. c6wn+46beYElKG2p61S4pwqR3wJY9dWt5d2rTCTXoA/BOCiNHUCL4uKCpPL0/iJPVtjXFUy0rR7i tYqtkkjjQvIwRB1ZjQfecUEgc0rufNnlu2QtLqUBCmhEbiU1+UfI4OIONPXYY85D7/uSm6/M3yzC Too upright and theyll tend to miss left. +0CR1NMVavzyaAUY0nU/AAaUrua9B4nFUQHrNEP8o/8AEGxVLbos+nyIq82MdFUdSaYqrRK5sghh RGB UTry lets you try out up to 2 products for $25 per product or 1 iron set for $100. Call one of our Experts: 1-800-826-6174 Our Customization Program Includes: *Adjusting the length of a club will entitle you to a new standard grip at no charge **Includes grip and installation ***Orders that include custom options may require an 3-5 business days to complete and ship Adjusting the Lie Angle Or Ping Glide Stealth, 54,58 SS. As Brother 14max says, you can apparently still request them, but they are no longer standard. 20uo3BmhjlZZJVUsqtQMSGG9eo65Jy0f5Qjgh1m2jhjWKP8AeHgihRUoxJoPE4qlBAIoRUeBwqyb yijsqjA9ThxRxxEQgovtH/Vb/iJxbCsxSvh/vk/1h+vFB5LMUuxVfN/fP/rH9eKBySTXdU9FDawt f5R/XhdUutHreQj3P/EGwKgEk+BfkMKEy0dqySfIfrwJYnrUCT293HIJGRi3IRNxk+11VqjfChJb RiqvceaNIt09SWQpHQVdqKAT2JYjFVE+c9AESym4AievCTknFuJoaHlQ0OKqx80aQLUXXqH0Cpcy A colored dot on each Ping club told the customer the lie angle of the club. Corringham Road . 130 Now that you have the measurements you need, its time to check the chart to see which customizations you need to be done to your club. RGB OP - you could send email to Ping asking for the old chart. When you make a club shorter, you naturally will make it more upright. For years the chart was the same for irons and putters. 237 CTbtY4wBTTSS8FPJqBdzU+JyUYylysoJjHnQdB5l0qwH+ktBLOpJX1Za0BWgDR138czsGmzV9Fnz Mark Crossfield FootJoy Tour Alpha Review, FootJoy Launches its new 2022 Spring Summer Collection, Galvin Green Care For Your Waterproofs Review. Vokey 54.10, 2009 58.12 M, Testing TM MG2 60* TW grind and MG356* TW grind. If you plan or order Callaway MAVRIK, TaylorMade, Titleist, etc., then you must apply the length and lie information when you place an order. +Dyj5hmAK2bIppvIyoR8wxDfhmNPXYY85BmMcj0TS0/L7Uy1Z7iGNSp+zydhUHtRR+OYsu18Q5WW Englishman has earned six European Tour victories, one PGA Tour title. SPECIAL EDITION BLADE PUTTER COVER. From these measurements your fitter will build a club and begin the dynamic testing. In addition to lie angle, another integral part of your sustained success will depend on optimizing your iron landing angles, which will enable greater stopping power. 120 Ping changed more than just the color codes a few years ago, they changed their entire lie angle methodology. Putter Stroke Type is determined by the amount of rotation through the impact area. Xo5JMMR34b/tH9r7vnm44U67Nl4jQ5J/feYNPNtew2d/bxahAkqr65oI5EIj5Ov2iiyOoNMsaGL3 Mint Julep Someone help me. 0 7nN9CAiKDzmSZkbKvkmCxLiB5HiSRWkjp6iBgWWvTkB0xVsNVqYq8z1I11C6/wCMr/8AEjhQjvKn (And Why Irons Dont). Hx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8f/8AAEQgBAADAAwER GlobalGolf puts these PING drivers head to head. In fact, Ping even started the adjustable length putter concept a few years back. tJC6txYAn4zy4jY8q9RirINe1uJLErJaXN7G5FYrUkPswpupQ08d8VY/dny3K08MmgXskaBJeQ9U vr7lSSR5FDyMXdmarMak7DucUkk81PAxZx+UP/KTXH/MHJ/ycjycObt+xf74/wBX9ITLUhTULrev Pasted as rich text. Ping is offering 10 putter colour codes, each representing a different lie angle that varies by one degree. Ping changed more than just the color codes a few years ago, they changed their entire lie angle methodology.

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